A Very Short Soap History

I've been making soap for years. I love it!

Have you ever wondered where soap started. It didn't have a very romantic start

Originally it was just sand and water.A great exfoliant to take the dirt off skin and probably skin off skin as well. A bit harsh right.

Soap got its name from a Greek legend about Mount Sapo, as the rain came down the mountain it's said to have mixed with animal fat and ashes into a type of clay that made cleaning easier.

The earliest  soap recipe was found on a tablet from ancient Mesopotamia around 2200bc .

Animal fat lye and water were used by the early soap makers and then oils were added later. Like most things the rich aristocrats of the time used it first so they could be distinguished from the lower classes.

Nowadays we have so much more choice with vegan options and natural oils in place of animal fats.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny bit of soap history

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